Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce Blue Springs, MO

A “contested” divorce is the most complicated of divorces, because it involves spouses that can’t come to an agreement on one or many issues. Every couple seeking a divorce should first attempt to work out mutual terms for the separation without going to court, but sometimes this is not easy to obtain and then the divorce results in a contested divorce.

What if my spouse and I cannot agree on a divorce?

A contested divorce is just what it sounds like: one or both spouses contest (dispute) some aspect of the dissolution of marriage. When one party does not agree, proceedings can take much longer to complete and can typically involve a greater level of stress on the family involved and increased legal fees.

With a contested divorce, spouses will have to go through numerous steps before it is finalized.  Divorce can be very complicated and complex. It is in your best interest to speak with legal council so you can be inform them of your legal rights and ensure that you and your family are fully protected.

When meeting with your attorney you need to provide them with all documentation pertaining to marital assets, children of the marriage and any other issues you feel need to be represented during the divorce. This information will allow the two of you to determine what you are entitled to so that your petition can be drawn up and filed with the court.

Steps You Will Go Through With a Contested Divorce

  • Meeting With an Attorney
  • Divorce Petition Served Upon Your Spouse
  • Your Spouse Responds to the Petition
  • Discovery
  • Settlement
  • Trial
  • Post Trial Motions
  • Appeals (appeals may or may not been needed)

Divorce can be complex and frightening, but the Law Office of Leslie A. Williams can make it easier for you for you.  We also recommend for all parties involved, including children, that participants reach a mutually agreeable separation with terms that both parties agree upon.  Leslie, recommends having an attorney review the agreed terms to ensure your interests are protected.  This is really a good course of action unless there are complex issues involving childcare or financial issues.  Under these circumstances it is usually necessary for a divorce attorney to handle the legal issues.

If you are considering divorce call Leslie A. Williams today at (816) 220-1781 or use our web submission form to speak to an expert divorce attorney to help you make the right choices for you.