Recover from personal bankruptcy in the New Year

The new year offers a new start. Even if you filed for personal bankruptcy in 2012 or you are planning to, things will get better. Here are some things you can work on in the new year to help you recover from personal bankruptcy easier in 2013. January is actually a really good time t
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Considering bankruptcy? Consider this.

The creditors are calling. The accounts are empty. The stress is mounting. You’re on the verge of bankruptcy, and you are scared, embarrassed and depressed—not to mention a little confused. For most people, bankruptcy is an unfamiliar process they know very little about, other tha
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The Start of Something Great!

The Start of Something Great! Hello to all of my blog readers! I’m excited to begin this journey with you. Establishing my own law practice has been an exciting adventure, and I am eager to begin expanding my services through the use of an updated website and blog. Now, I know what
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