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Recover from personal bankruptcy in the New Year

The new year offers a new start. Even if you filed for personal bankruptcy in 2012 or you are planning to, things will get better. Here are some things you can work on in the new year to help you recover from personal bankruptcy easier in 2013. January is actually a really good time to […]

Five tips to help you recover from personal bankruptcy

So you have just filed for bankruptcy. Now what? You may feel very overwhelmed at the uncertainty of your financial situation. You have spent your whole life trying to build a great credit ranking and now you face an uphill battle. First thing you need do is take a deep breath and realize that there […]

Courtroom Basics – 101

Most people have a fear or general apprehension when it comes to appearing in front of a judge in a courtroom.  However, there are several tips, that if followed, will make your time in court as painless as possible. The most important thing to understand is that, if you are not in court when they […]

Something for nothing

Recently, I have come across a number of people who are looking for “pro bono” or free legal services to help with their situation. At first, I almost bought into the idea of helping, but eventually my senses came back to me. That may have something to do with a potential client telling me that […]